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I awake to the sounds of the birds

In a state of calm.

Gradually a sense of anxiety and fear grips me.

Anxious about what?

Afraid of what?

On paper I have not a care in the world

But my mind plays cruel games with me.

Oh, so cruel.

I fear going into town.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people.

It’s the thought of it.

The whole process.

I spend half the day in panic

At the thought of going outside.


Suddenly I’m up and out the door

Without warning.

Doing the do without  so much as a thought.

By the days end I am left wondering

Why was I so paralyzed?

An ambidextrous mind.

On one hand crippled by anxiety and fear.

On the other hand as relaxed as can be.

I go to bed to the sounds of the birds

Knowing full well that tomorrow

Will be just another day