Road 2

I’ve walked every road, trying to find
Find out who was me.
I guess I had my eyes closed
I guess I was blind.
Just couldn’t see.

I’ve walked every road
that there was to walk.
Took every wrong turn.
I don’t miss the money
I don’t miss the talk.
Don’t miss the fires that burn.
I’m not running but I’m way too fast
For those stuck in their ways.
It’s not my problem
if they’re stuck in the past.
They’re a kick behind play.

I’ve made more friends
than I have lost.
But were they friends?
They can spend their time
Trying to measure some cost
But I don’t lend.
They can say this
And they can say that.
I’ve heard it all before.
I don’t want to go
near where they’re at.
I don’t keep any score.

People come
And people go.
As they do.
They can be a thousand miles
Away from your home
But they can be there
Right next to you.
You can spend a lifetime
With someone
And not know where they’re going.
But you can know
In thirty seconds flat.
It’s just a matter of knowing.