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Alcohol. Pills. Powders. Injectables.
They are all addictions.
You get away with it
And you get away with it.
Then you don’t

People begin to notice
But are afraid to say anything.
They don’t know how to approach you
So you still get away with it.

Then you don’t get away with it.
Your addiction rules your life.
You can’t function without it.
You are out of control.

You get help that you don’t think you need
To keep others happy.
Going through the motions
Waiting until it’s over.

Once it’s over your addiction returns
Bigger and worse than before.
Now you want help.
No more going through the motions.

Detox. Rehab. Counseling.
They all work this time
But they only work for a while.
It’s up to you to break your addiction

But you’re never truly alone.