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It’s nice to know you.
I’ll give you all you think you need.
I don’t have to show you.
You’ll never see your greed.
Bob Dylan never said
He must have had a bad day
But I rule the world.
I have everything to say.

I turn angels into sinners.
Losers into winners.
Make an expert from a beginner.
Turn a sad face into a grinner.
I rule the world.
I’m money.

I own everyone.
They just don’t show it.
Even when they know it’s done
They still won’t show it.
Behind the mask you see
There lies no soul.
You’re as easy as can be
Because I’m your goal.

I’m the opiate of the crowds.
Making you feel
you should be proud.
I’ll keep you deluded.
To hurt your friends.
I’ve already concluded
That there is no end.

I won’t wait around for you.
There is nothing you can do
You are never coming through.
You will always have the blues.

I rule the world.
I’m money.