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Misty Moon

The Night Creeper is not a person.
The Night Creeper is a tree.
If you catch a glimpse of him
Under the light of a full moon
He resembles an ethereal vagabond.

His roots are his feet.
Two low hanging branches are his arms.
His hair is the drooping leaves atop his form.
Fear not the Night Creeper.

The Night Creeper goes about his business
Of making sure that everyone is safe
In the dead of night.

You may catch a glimpse
Of the shadow of the Night Creeper
On windy nights
When he passes by your window.

Your children may be afraid.
They are too young to understand.
Fear not the Night Creeper.

There is no room for the Night Creeper
Amidst the crowded cities.
He cannot breathe. He cannot move.

Before the sun arises.
Before the birds are awake
The Night Creeper returns to his home.
Alongside his other trees.

By day he is just another tree.
Fitting in with nature
Unknown to anybody.
Fear not the Night Creeper.