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The drinking man wakes up every day
And drinks a cup of vodka as if it were water.
He sits down, puts a cigarette in its’ holder and lights it.
He inhales deeply and exhales slowly.

He watches the news on the television
With more interest than had he been sober.
The drinking man has a drink before and after
Having a shower and shave.

He then sets out to go into town
To do what has to be done.
Nothing more Nothing less.
Could he do this sober?
Not at the moment.
Not at the moment.

He returns home and has another drink
Before settling down and writing.
He writes books, poetry and blogs.
Vodka fuels his imagination.

After a while he is drunk and tired.
He goes to lay down for ten minutes
And wakes up four hours later
To find his world blanketed by night time.

He has another drink and continues writing
Until the wee small hours.
He becomes tired and drunk again.
Drunk enough to sleep.

Can the drinking man continue to function like this?
Or will he meet his ultimate gruesome end?