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I’m always moving
From scene to scene.
Eyes open.
In a dream.
Another town.
Another place.
Another crowd.
Another face.

Never spent too long in the shade.
Never stay too long in the bed I made.
I guess that’s why
They call me ‘The Renegade.’

A different style.
A different beat.
For a while.
Then restless feet.
They kind of bore me.
Know what I mean.
Try to outscore me.
It’s not my scene.

I’d just as soon be on my way.
Under a different moon far away.
I guess that’s why
They call me ‘The Renegade.’

No plans.
But there is soul.
My own man.
My only goal.
The same road.
The same shoes.
The same load.
The same blues.

If you’re knowing the hand that I played.
Someone gave more of a damn about when I played.
Now you see why
They call me ‘The Renegade.’