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Most people to me hold little interest.
I’m sure they think likewise of me
As they go about their lives
Unwittingly trapped in their on little worlds.

Worlds that I know nothing of.
Nor do I want to.
They are alien to me
As I gaze at them blankly as they talk.

I have a particular dislike for gossip.
It is generally negative
And the expense of others.
This is not for me.

“What about that dress?” Who cares?
The same applies for the well-groomed man.
“Look at that tramp.” Give the man a dollar.
He probably has more brains than you.

Give me something different.
Bring on particle physics. Molecular formula.
Bring on relativity.
Something of substance.

The arts are rarely spoken about by people.
They are too busy worrying about the day.
Worrying about their appearance.
Yes, most people to me hold little interest to me.