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When she slowly came to her senses
She had no idea where she was.
Why was she handcuffed to a bed?
She had committed no crime, or had she?

She was very groggy.
It would be some hours before she was made aware
That she was in a psychiatric ward.
She had overdosed on pills. Prescription. Accidentally.

All that she wanted was for the voices to stop.
They had made her cut her wrists.
She does not recall the ambulance trip
Or indeed calling for an ambulance.

It was no cry for attention.
No suicide attempt
But she was treated as such.
She may repeat her actions.

She was assessed over the next few days
And was discharged with no follow-up care.
More prescription pills.
She remained petrified that the voices would return.

Nobody listened.
She was left on her own again
With the same voices
That led her into such a state in the first place.