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David Bowie

He died without fanfare or fuss.
Peacefully at home with his family present.
He fought his battle with cancer in private.
Very few people knew of it.

He was still performing until the last few months of his life.
Photographs of him showed no signs of his battle.
His passing came as a shock to the world.
Perhaps one of the biggest shocks in his industry.

I followed his career ever since I was a child.
In the early 1970’s I thought he was so cool.
His haircut, his clothes, his make-up
But it was his music that grabbed my attention.

Back then he was not a clean living man.
Bowie himself was the first to admit this in later years.
By the 1980’s he had cleaned his act up
But his music remained as revolutionary as ever.

He was a true chameleon.
Every few years he would change his image.
His music would change along with it
But it was still relevant and still distinctively Bowie.

Bowie was a genius who was borderline insane.
He admitted this himself.
He has a brother in a mental institution
Who Bowie frequently visited.

Bowie was a gentleman amongst gentleman
Who possessed captivating charisma.
I have not cried for many years
But my eyes rained on hearing of the death of David Bowie.