Stepped out on a Monday.
Had myself a plan.
But it ended up in a bottle again.
Washed up in the sand.
The next thing I knew it was Friday.
And I was trying to understand.
Another slip.
Another edge of pain.

Luckily I’m surrounded by a,
Safety storm.
Most of the time it keeps me safe.
Keeps me warm.
It’s been with me since  the day,
That I was born.
And I’ve just only realised.

All the good time boys
Kinda make me laugh
Not really knowing what they mean.
Hiding behind their disguise.
Behind their screen.
Oh, sincere. Oh, sincere.
Squeaky clean.
Just reeking of suspicion.

I’ve never asked for sympathy.
So don’t allude so smugly
That you think you know me.
Hushed tones and body language
Are so easy for me to see.
You don’t have the mindset.
You don’t want to know.
You’ll never understand.
The disease.