When he started off in the same accountants office
That she worked in
They hit it off straight away.
They instantly knew that they were on the same planet.

They laughed at all of the office jokes
But for the wrong reasons.
They could barely look each other in the eye
For fear of bursting into hysterics.

They were both happily married.
Even had they not been, a relationship could never ensue.
They were too close.
They were like twins.

Work colleagues soon assumed what they do.
They assumed that an affair was going on.
That’s bored and tiny minds for you.
Nothing more exciting to think about.

One day he innocently winked at her.
It sent goosebumps down her back.
He can’t remember it.
She still remembers it to this day.

He felt guilty and apologised for his unknowing error
She said not to give it a thought.
The fault was on her part.
He still feels bad about it.

Despite this, their friendship remains as close as ever.
They know what each other are thinking without speaking of it.
That is what a unique friendship is all about.