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Holding Hands

She was a domestic air hostess who lived locally.
He was a businessman who caught several of her flights.
They began to share ever-increasing eye contact
Then polite conversation followed by humour.

One day they encountered each other in the city.
They went for a coffee.
That coffee lasted for three hours
Where they talked and laughed….a lot.

These meetings became a regular occurrence
As they shared their lives and their humour.

One day she burst into tears.
He placed his hand on hers.
He knew why she was crying.
A loveless and childless marriage to a greedy man.

She knew that he knew why she was crying.
Not a word had to be spoken.
They looked each other in the eye.
They knew that they were in love and had been for some time.

Very soon she came into the coffee shop almost skipping.
“He’s left me. He’s having an affair,” she said. Divorce was on.
Could this be the unspoken opportunity that they had wished for?

Of course it could. The planets had obviously aligned.

They moved in together soon afterwards.
He maintained his job. She maintained hers.
Children arrived in good time.
Love in the air indeed.