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Corner Store

The girl at the corner store is mending her broken heart.
I accidentally overheard a conversation.
I don’t see her very often
As I only go there to buy cigarettes.

When I do go to buy my cigarettes
I am hoping all the time that she will be there
With her smile and a quick conversation
That I have noticed she reserves for few.

She is witty. Cynical. Intelligent.
I like these traits.
I deliberately browse until everybody has left
So that I can have a chat with her.

I would invite her out
But my shy demeanour prevents this.
The same applies to inviting her to my place for a coffee.
I’m probably not her type.

I thought of a Valentines Day rose one year
But thought that a touch heavy-handed.
We are both realists
And beyond the futility of this tradition.