Quill And Ink

I can write a poem in 10 minutes flat.
If I stop and think, it is gone.
Some may say the poem may be rubbish
But one mans’ rubbish is another mans’ gold

That’s my angle.

Poetry is an art form without doubt.
Anybody can string words together
But it’s how these words are strung together
Is where the talent lies.

I’m not one for long-winded affairs.
I get lost. Maybe that’s just me.
I lose interest
And usually move on.

I am the same with ‘heartbreak’ poems.
They become very similar.
There are only so many words to describe heartache
And we all know what they are.

Having said this
If the poet gets the wording right
The can drag you right in.
Right in to their heartache.

Poems with subliminal messages
That require several readings
To me
It’s a form of showing off.

I much prefer poetry about nature.
About interesting people.
About interesting situations or events.

Each to their own.

One mans’ rubbish is another mans’ gold.