19th Century Picture

The tyranny of distance
Can make you as blind as you can be.
If you let it, it can bend your mind
Like the persistence of memory.

I’ve never met it bother me too much.
You don’t need to be there
To feel a touch.

People come and people go
With the flick of a switch these days.
A sign of the times or a sign of the rich.
It doesn’t really matter anyway.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at or where you’ve been
If you don’t like me
You can wipe me from your screen.

You can talk to strangers
And they get bored with you.
But don’t let them hit you
With a dose of the blues.

I know secrets that could sink the British fleet.
But sometimes silence is the best way
To keep you on your feet.

I’ve only seen you in a picture
In the nineteenth century.
Even though I’ll never meet you
I can feel you right next to me.