Mister Nice

He saw things as they were but then he got bored.
Led himself astray.
Got himself confused. All battered and bruised.
Didn’t know night from day.
Closing his eyes helped him keep the disguise.
Didn’t stop to look twice.
He was on fire. Walking the wire.
Mister Nice.

He found the world to be a messed up place.
Couldn’t get with it.
Tried for a while, it just wasn’t his style.
Just couldn’t dig it.
He knew himself to well, even as he fell.
Ignored his own advice.
Into free-fall and witnessed by all
Went Mister Nice.

He disappointed lots of folks but that’s a two way street.
Something’s amiss.
He’s back on track and now they’re trying to crawl back
But they don’t exist.
He won’t play the game, try to shift any blame.
He’s still paying the price.
He’s doing fine with real friends. If you’re one that depends
On Mister Nice.