It begins with a stiff neck.
Innocent enough.
Then it travels to your temples
And the pain begins.

The pain becomes a throb
So you take a mild analgesic.
And wait
But it doesn’t work.

All the while the pain in your temples
Has spread to your forehead.
Light and noise are now causing
Extreme nausea.

You take a stronger analgesic.
The strongest that you have.
And lie down in bed
Wearing your sunglasses.

The slightest movement now
Is causing intense pain.
And it’s not long
Before you vomit.

You need to do something
To ease this pain.
You call an ambulance as you can’t drive.

In hospital you are given morphine
Which eases the pain relatively quickly.
You are discharged after an hour
With two days worth of strong analgesics.

The next two days are spent in bed.
Laying as still as possible.
After the pain has gone
The relief brings boundless joy.

Migraine sufferers globally
Actually encounter the above-mentioned scenario.
I draw the line at severe headaches.