There is so much written and spoken about mental illness
But is remains so difficult to put into words by the sufferer.
I shall try.

High anxiety for no tangible reason.

High anxiety when confronted by everyday activities.

No warning.

Your mind races so fast.

From one thought to another

You can’t focus on anything.

You just can’t concentrate.

Your thoughts are angst ridden.

You catastrophize.

Hand shaking so badly.

This is embarrassing when in public

And frustrating when at home.

Oh, the frustration.

Sitting still is not possible

Yet you know not what you want to do.

You get tired at the wrong time of the day

Finding yourself wide awake at 3am.

This only makes the next day worse.

At times you can see no end to it

But have reached a point

Where you can tell yourself that this will pass.

It always does.