The gypsy traveled the English countryside
On his horse and cart.
He would stop in villages and fairs
Telling peoples fortune with his crystal ball.

One day an attractive lady walked into his tent.
He knew her name. This had never happened to him before.
“Take a seat, Margaret,” he said.
The lady was gobsmacked.

“How did you know my name?” she asked.
The gypsy was honest.
“I don’t know,” he said.
“It’s never happened to me before.”

He then gazed into his crystal ball.
“You’re an academic,” he said.
Margaret was studying Philosophy.
The gypsy said, you’re taking my path.

Margaret looked puzzled.
The gypsy said, “I have a PhD in Philosophy.”
Margaret asked what he was doing this for.
The gypsy replied, “Let’s just say society and I don’t get along.”

The gypsy looked into his crystal ball again.
He said, “You have been having some troubles.”
Margaret explained that one of her lecturers picked on her.
The gypsy said, “You don’t have to worry about him.

Margaret told him that he had left the university three weeks ago.
“His wife left him,” she said. She added, “Apparently he used to hit her.”
The gypsy nodded and said, “He is about to be punished for it.”
Three weeks later the lecturer was imprisoned for assault.

The gypsy then told Margaret, “You will not take on Philosophy as a career.”
Margaret asked, “What will I do then?”
The gypsy said, “You will do as I do. You have the gift.
That’s why I knew your name.”

Two years later they crossed paths.
It was at a village fair.
Margaret said, “Hello John.”
The gypsy had never told Margaret his name.

They ended up travelling as a duo.
They would split their money evenly.
In Winter, business slowed down
But with their insight into the future they both knew that they would be okay.