Quill And Ink

Just for one day
I would like no interruptions.
I’m a writer you see
And interruptions are the bane of our lives.

I have two teenage children
So I can’t take the phone off the hook in case they ring
And I need to go running….
….as parents do.

When visitors turn up I roll my eyes to myself.
Their conversations over the years are now stale.
They inevitably end up as gossip sessions
And I despise gossip.

I rarely listen too music
As I have found myself typing out the lyrics that I’m listening to.
I have the TV on but at low volume just for a noise.
It’s all shallow stuff on there and an insult to viewers intelligence.

When I’m interrupted
It takes me a good couple of hours
And a couple of cigarettes
To get back on a roll again.

Who knows?
Maybe by some fluke
I won’t have an interruption
For just one day.

I don’t think it’s a big ask.
Do you?