Where were you 18 months ago?
With your drunken, druggie friends. That’s where.
Where are you now?
On my doorstep 2-3 times a day boring me senseless.

Your former ‘friends’ turned their back on you.
They got sick of your taking. Your fake laughter
Just so that you could get something from them.
Even they saw through your lies.

You couldn’t see that they didn’t want to know
Your over-inflated and ill-informed opinions.
But they could see that you were there only to take
So they moved on.

It takes a lot to be rejected by reprobates
But you have managed it.
Now I am stuck with you….for now
But I can see through your game.

You know it and are on your best behaviour
For now.
No doubt another group of losers will happen along
And you will latch on for easy pickings.