The hobo had lived on the streets for 20 years
Reciting poetry and philosophy of the greats.
20 years earlier he was an English teacher
But hit hard times.

He liked a drink
Until the cards no longer fell his way.
He was instantly homeless
And unemployable.

His intellect told him to get sober
And recite poetry and philosophy.
He was sober within 3 months
But still unemployable because of his record.

One day a well dressed gentleman stopped near him.
He listened to him intently.
They got talking.
“I can help you,” said the man.

The man was a promoter.
He organised a speaking tour for the hobo.
On arriving at his first event
People looked down on him.

He was scruffy and tawdry with long unkempt hair and beard.
As he walked onto the stage he could see and hear the first three rows.
Some of them whispered, “He doesn’t even have a script.”
Some of them were even giving him looks of disgust.

When he started speaking, however,
This changed.
He looked at the audience as he spoke.
They began to sit up in their chairs and nod approvingly at each other.

He began by reciting the classics.
Then he said, “I’d like to, if I may, recite some of my own work.”
The crowd became tentative again.
They soon changed their tune two verses in.

At the end he received a standing ovation.
He humbly bowed and walked off stage.
The promoter told him that he would have a suit ready for his next appearance.
He was also provided first class accommodation wherever he went.

The hobo was soon all over the press.
After the tour was over the promoter gave him his card.
A few weeks later, whilst reciting on the street
A former classmate recognised him and said he had been to one of his concerts.

They got talking and the hobo told him of his past.
“Don’t worry about that,” his friend said.
“I’m the head of a local university.
I can get you a teaching position starting next term.”

His friend added, “We’ll get you cleaned up and you can stay on campus.”
The hobo was over the moon.
After all this time
He was finally going to get back to his true love.

When he started teaching he was vibrant.
This rubbed off on the students
Who thought that he was cool because he was approachable
And preferred to be reffered to by his first name.

He stayed in the dormitory until his retirement.
He retired to a low care old folks home
Where he would recite the classics
To the other residents.