My -ex wife said she’d be there
On Xmas Day
With our kids
Her plans changed.

I wasn’t told why.
All that I knew
Was that they wouldn’t be there
Until Boxing Day.

No reason was offered.
I was in too much shock to respond.
For the two days leading up to Xmas
I chain-smoked. I wandered the house. Unable to settle.
I even went to bed.

I couldn’t write. I couldn’t record.
I couldn’t focus on the TV.
I didn’t visit my parents
As I do every morning.

Xmas Eve arrived
And I found myself getting angry.
Anyone who knows me
Will tell you that I’m not the angry type.

I decided to ring her up.
I opened fire,
Not letting her get a word in.
I then hung up on her.

I took the phone off the hook.
I checked the messagee bank 3 hours later.
She had left 4 messages apologising.
I didn’t reply.

She also left several messages on Facebook.
I didn’t open, let alonee respond to one.
They’d be the same fake apologies as were on the phone.
She’s not use to me biting back.