My Psychiatrist put me on a new medication.
I suffered a bipolar manic attack 2 weeks ago.
I began the medication 10 days ago
I felt it begin to work on day 3.

Everything is clear.
So clear.
Too clear.
It actually worries me.

I still go to bed at 10pm
But have been waking up at 1am
And that’s me up for the day.
I begin writing.

I proof read my work at sunrise
And it is all logical.
I am hyper vigilant whilst driving
This can’t keep up forever.

I am as shap as a razor at all times.
Ever alert but not manic.
This physically can’t last forever.
I’m waiting to crash and burn.

If I do it at home
That’s fine
But if I’m behind the wheel of a car
That’s just pure danger.

It’s a short-term treatment
But I don”t see my Psychiatrist for 2 weeks.
Can I last that long?
If I keep feeling like this I can

But Psychiatry dictates that this is doubtful.
My Psychiatrist is on leave, returning in 3 days.
Dependent on my mood
I feel that I should email her.

I’ve never felt so alert in my life.
I’ve never gone on 3 hours sleep per night
For over a week.
I think that laying low for now is my safest bet.