They formed a romantic bond instantly
But she was married.
This didn’t stop the innuenendos at work.
They were flying.

An affair ensued.
They didn’t care.
It went against their ethics
But they were deeply in love.

She went on leave.
He sensed something was wrong
And became worried
When the emails stopped.

Then her received a midnight email from her.
Life was getting on top of her.
He wrote back instantly
Advising and reassuring her.

He spent the next day downing Valium
As he awaited her response.
He was a nervous wreck
As he thought their love may be compromised.

He had a letter of his own to send to her.
He had to tell her EXACTLY how felt about her
But now wasn’t the time.
He had to make sure she was okay again.

The email never arrived
But he got the surprise of his life one day.
There was a knock on the door.
It was her.

They embraced for an eternity.
Both of them were crying.
They spent the next 4 hours talking and laughing.
He bought up his proposed email.

She instantly put his mind at rest
As she reached across the couch,
Embraced and kissed him.
Saying “We’re inseparable.”

Her life had become too busy.
She spoke of his email and how much it helped.
He told her of his angst-ridden wait.
They both laughed, as they always did.