It reached the point where he had to tell her
How he felt about her.
They got along too well.
They had too much in common.

He was petrified and had been for weeks.
There was no way that he could do it face to face.
Then he came up with what he thought was a best second option.

You may say so
But you were not in his shoes.
You were not put on blood pressure tablets.

Yes, his love for her truly did have an effect on his heart
Like nothing or nobody before.
He spent a month preparing it.
When it was, to his mind, perfect he sent it.

She usually replied within a few hours.
He paced nervously waiting & listening to Bob Dylan.
A few hours passed and no email.
He developed a tension headache so took some codeine.

Still anxious at midnight, the phone rang.
Thinking nothing of it he answered it.
It was her. His anxiety level hit the roof.
“I got your email,” she said. “I’ve been out.”

“I see,” he said nervously, anticipating the worst.
She added, “It was a lovely email.” He began to breathe properly.
“I love you too,” she said in a gentle voice. “I thought you knew.”
He said that he didn’t. He was telling the truth.

Then the reality sank in. “You love me?” he explained.
Again in a gentle voice she said, “Yes. I have for a while.”
She asked him what they should do about it.
He asked her if they could possibly date.

Her voice became excited as she said, “I’d love to.”
He suggested that she visit him the following day.
“I’ll be there. What’s your address and what time?”
He told her the details as he almost danced around the kitchen.

When she visited the next day it was a relaxed and humorous affair.
He asked again about the delay in the response to the email.
She recanted that she was out. “I got stuck at a friends place.”
“I couldn’t get away. She’s like that. All I could think about was your email.”

She went on and said that she had no idea what was in the email
But jumped for joy when she read it.
“I’ve been wishing that you would say those words for a long time.”
He apologised for not saying it face to face.

They both laughed.