As I sit here on a sunny Saturday afternoon
I look out of my window.
My window takes up an entire wall.
I have a beautiful view.

In the foreground are small native trees
With birds of all varieties hopping from branch to branch.
Behind them lay rolling green
In the distance I catch a glimpse of the sea.

We’ve had a bad Summer here in Tasmania
So today is a treat.
I imagine there are people out and about
Soaking up the Sun and nature.

I’m past all of that.
I was never really into it.
Sitting and admiring nature
Satisfies me aplenty.

I have my sliding door open.
Little lizards run in and out.
The occasional butterfly flies in then out.
Hurting nobody.

In a few hours, darkness will fall
Bringing the cool night air with it.
I shall not close my curtains.
I still have the moon and stars to admire.

The calmness of nights like these
Are almost deafening.
By bed time I have a cigarette and ponder
What tomorrow will bring.