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My friend & I were sitting in a coffee shop.
We were waiting for a girl one Monday.
He wanted to go out with her.
So did I but I didn’t say.

I knew she had walked in without seeing her.
My friend puffed out his chest.
He immediately started talking to her….about himself.
I could tell that she wasn’t impressed.

Her face and body language gave her away.
Then she slightly slid her chair in my direction
And started talking to me.
My friend got up & left like a dog with its tail between its legs.

We chatted and laughed for half an hour.
Then she had to go.
I grabbed a napkin, pen and handed her my address
We agreed on Friday.

I’m glad I don’t get nervous. It would have been a long week.
She arrived with a shopping bag.
As I was making a coffee she produced a parcel.
She handed it to me. “What’s this?” I said.

She said “It’s a gift.” I was taken aback and thanked her.
“Well open it,” she said.
It was a Bob Dylan t-shirt. White with Dylans sillhouette.
It was a reverse image to the t-shirt I was wearing on Monday.

“What’s your favourite album?” she asked.
I instantly replied “Highway 61 Revisited.”
“Mine too,” she said.

We began laughing about what drugs he was on for what song.
She continued to visit which was interesting & stimulating
Her visits intensified ans we continued to talk Dylan.
It turned out she didn’t go much on the same albums as me.

She said to me one day, “You haven’t made a pass at me, Bob.”
I jokingly said, “Do you want me to?”
She said, “If you want but I’m having enough fun like this.”
I replied, “I’m cool with that. Anything more might ruin things.”

She said, “That’s usually how it works. Like your friend.”
I asked her what she meant.
She told me that it was obvious that all he wanted was a relationship.
“I need more than that,” she added.

I asked her what she needed.
She told me she didn’t need an egomaniac but someone with a brain.
I said, “Do I fit the bill?”
She replied, “You sure do. Like a rolling stone,” & laughed.

After 5 years we’re still laughing & discussing Bob Dylan