It comes and goes in waves.
It didn’t just hit him without warning.
He could tell when a bipolar shift was coming on.
It was oh, so slow.

If he let it go for too long
He would end up in terrible shape.
It also presented in degrees
Which made it easy for him to identify.

He would talk faster.
He would move faster
And would become restless.
These were his early warnings.

Some of his symptoms were from his medication.
High Lithium levels made his hands shake badly.
If he noticed his fine tremor worsening
He would email his psychiatrist

Who would adjust his Lithium
It took 3 to 5 days to take effect.
People couldn’t understand.
It’s Lithium. Not Panadol.

Some medications cauuse a fine tremor anyway
While others made him talk fast.
He had learned to live with this.
It’s part of the condition.

On a bad day
For the first 2 hours of these days
He was full of beans as usual
As these days progressed, however

He would slowly sink.
He couldn’t play his guitar.
Whilst watching TV he was 1,000 away.
His mind raced at light speed.

He refused to go to bed
Because he knew he’d stay there all day.
This would make him feel worse. Guilty.
All that he could manage was Faacebook.

These days didn’t happen every day.
It comes and goes in waves.
Everybody has bad days
It’s just a matter of degrees.

On his good days
Which were the majority
He was bulletproof
Not manic.

He wrote poems, blogs & novels.
He played his guitar and recorded music.
He could do all of this despite the fine tremor.
He could sing without singing flat or too fast.
Overall one would have to say he was happy.