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Don’t believe a word that an alcoholic tells you.
It’s all excuses, denial & looking to seek avoidance
I should know. I was an alcoholic for 20 years.
Alcohol addiction controlled every move that I made.

The alcoholic thinks that if they don’t have a drink they will die.
They behave like laboratory rats.
Give them a drink and they will repeat the acivity over & over
Until at some point they really will die.

Behind the bravado & laughter of every alcoholic
Lies a sensitive soul who does not respond well to pressure.
They head towards psychosis usually without knowing it.
They won’t stop until they’re out of money or something horrible happens.

It doesn’t matter what environment an alcoholic lives in.
It doesn’t matter what people they spend their time with.
Nothing can be blamed for their addiction.
They think they can handle it until one day they can’t.

Alcoholics live at a fast pace.
They don’t want to sleep or go out.
They simply want to talk.
An alcoholic can only go for so long without a drink.

It’s like going without eating.
Every successful recovering alcoholic
Has had many failed attempts at it.
Getting off alcohol is much easier than staying off it.

Not for one second am I saying that getting off alcohol is easy.

Stress, excitement or availability are surefire ways to fall off the wagon
And alcohol is a terribly addictive toxin.
Which sees the alcoholic alienate & push away those closest to them.
You don’t become and behave like an alcoholic in the space of a few days.

I have been sober for many years now
Yet at any given time I’m 5 minutes away from a drink.
I could take a drink & get away with it for a while
But it wouldn’t be long before I was back on skid row.

Getting off alcohol for the sake of ANYONE doesn’t work.
Getting off alcohol must be for yourself.
Selfish? Maybe.
Effective? Highly.