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We knew each other for two years
And became close friends half a world apart.
But I asked one small favour of you
And you did the exact opposite.

Were you trying to stand out from the crowd?
Too late. There’s already a similar crowd waiting.
Were you trying to be funny?
Too late. I’ve heard every joke that there is.

I could get more laughs in a minute than you could get in a year.

I suspect that you did it for attention.
“Look at me! Listen to my vulgarity!”
When you’re just like many of the rest.

Your opinions began to lose their humour
And turned into rude arguments with my friends
Deliberately obtuse
And miles away from the original discussion.

You won’t be reading this.
You have been banished
You were warned but persisted.
Two years of friendship gone.

My true friends stuck by my small request.
It wasn’t a big ask & I ask rarely.
I’ll stick to those that I can rely on.
You fell on your own sword.