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He didn’t believe in love at first sight
Until she caught is eye.
He was frozen to the spot
& struggled to reply when she spoke.

Little did he know that she struggled to speak
As she felt the exact same way.
Within hours they knew how each other felt.
As their coffee sat there getting cold. Untouched.

They began meeting for lengthy coffees every day
But they were playing a dangerous game.
They were both married with older children
But their lives came to revolve around their meetings.

Despite knowing that nothing could come of their love
They had a very brief affair.
They felt no guilt. That came many years later.
Then again, was it guilt or realisation?

They knew that their love could go no further.
This was signed & sealed when he moved city for work.
They emailed each other daily for 8 years.
Innuendos and humour flew left, right & centre.

After 8 years she moved to his city for work.
He was now divorced.
She visited him often for conversation & laughter.
It was as if those 8 empty years never existed.

There was never a suggestion of an affair.
They realised that it was no longer an option
On that front things had changed.
On every other front their love remained unchanged.

Many find this difficult to relate to
But the bond the pair had was untouchable.
They understood each other like no other I know.
Too hard to describe.

Closer than close.