I once saw a man
Who had cut off one leg of his jeans.
One side was shorts. One side was jeans.
He was just doing his thing.

Did he get strange looks? Of course he did.

A group of women gossiping in the mall
Are stopped by a young girl pushing a pram.
The women don’t say a word. They don’t have to
As they draw the young girl a dirty look.

Maybe the young girl made a mistake. Maybe not.

That man with the umbrella on a sunny day.
Draws looks from all quarters.
The man is protecting his head from the sun’
He has psoriasis & can’t wear a hat.

Did you consider that? I doubt it.

What about that young punk staggering around the shop?
He’s obviously drunk or on drugs.
No he isn’t
That young man has multiple sclerosis.

Did you think? No you didn’t.

You judged.