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He wrote all day
From dawn to dusk
Fingers steady as a rock
Stopping for cigarette and food breaks.

He had been doing it for years.
It was his job.
He found that when he wasn’t writing
His hands shook & his arms and legs ached.

One day he jammed his fingers in the car door.
He broke 3 fingers.
6 weeks in plaster then physio.
What would he do?

He took to listening to music
Whilst lying on the couch.
Mainly Bob Dylan.
He enjoyed analyzing his lyrics.

Then one day, purely by chance
He noticed that his hands didn’t shake
And his muscles didn’t ache.
‘It must be the writing,’ he thought.

If thought about, he made sense.
Sitting in the same position all day
Is going to ‘lock’ muscles
And pre-programme nerve endings to that position.

When he resumed writing
He made a point of getting up every hour,
Stretching his muscles and fingers.
15 minutes an hour rid him of his dilemma

Purely by mistake.