Initially I didn’t know what had happened to you.
You were trying but couldn’t make sense.
Initially I couldn’t work out what went pear-shaped.
But something has obviously got to you.

You are all over the place
And don’t know what you want next
And yet the world beckons
Me thinks you want too much.

Without a thought for others problems
You complain about them
As if you are the only one who has bad days.
We all have bad days.

Not in your eyes.
Bad days only happened to you.
Blow anybody else.
Time to grow up, sunshine.

Take a look around
Appreciate what you’ve got
And not what you haven’t got.
You’ve got more than most.

Look at that scruffy man over there.
I just saw him picking up cigarette butts
I know for a fact that he lives on the beach
And sleeps on the leeward side of a dune.

I’ve spoken to him. Have you?
I doubt it. He’d be beneath you.
His name is Henry.
A lecturer who hit hard times.

Henry doesn’t complain.
Not like you.
He’s happy with his meagre lot.
Begging for one meal a day.

So stop the superficial mind games
And the fake self pity.
It’s all for attention.
I can see straight through you.