Bad Luck

He’s starting it again.
I knew it was just a matter of time
Before he returned to his old ways.
It was too good to last.

I don’t know what bought on his good run
Nor do I know what bought it to an end.
If I knew it would be a blessing for all
Who encounter him.

His rudeness is only matched
By his lack of intelligence
When he yells out his homespun theories
As if he has researched them.

Commanding people to do as he says
At that very minute.
Finding faults in everybody
He is never wrong.

You will not command me.
I get around you with firmness & diplomacy
And am left alone to my own life
Not your ego-driven ways.

You do not shout at me
Because I am a good actor.
I act as if you are the commander
Whist all the time

I see you for the ignorant fool that you are.