Shooting Star

I was sitting on my veranda.
It was 3am.
I was having a cigarette
Egulfed in the silence.

My eyes broke the silence
When I saw a shooting star.
My mind shattered the silence
When I started to think about it.

It came out of nowhere
And burned so brightly
As it made its way across the sky.
My mind began racing.

We are all but shooting stars.
Starting this world from nowhere
Then burning brightly
Before fading away.

Some of us burn brightly.
Some of us are barely seen.
Then there are those who don’t get noticed.
Some burn so brightly they light up the sky.

My shooting star went quietly on its way

By the time I had finished my cigarette
The shooting star had burnt out.
Leaving nothing in its trail.
Aren’t we all some type of shooting star?

Don’t we all fade away?