Bob 50th

My father woke me up one morning
At 3am
He said, “I’ve never shot a tiger
And had to tell someone.”

The very next morning at 3am
My neighbour knocked on my door.
He was naked and asked,
“Do you know where there’s a good tailor?”

What would a small child rather hear?
A boring truth or an exciting lie?
Where does the darkness go
When you switch the light on?

I carry 3 pens in my jacket pocket.
People ask me if it’s excessive.
I agree with them.
“I’d like to buy 3 excessive pens please.”

I get ignored by my own echo.
What’s around the corner except more corners?
My sister has an extra-century perception.
Ask a stupid question, you’ll get a stupid answer.

I’m not particularly literate.
I come from a working class family.
Perhaps I should get to the bottom of this.
It appears that I have got to the bottom of this.