Talking walls.
There was a fine thing.
When they started talking
An all in brawl ensued.

I was straight out the talking door
Only to remember I left the toaster on.
I tried to get back in
But the doorknob broke.

I was trapped!
“Trapped!” I yelled to nobody.
Hang on. How could I be trapped
When I was outside?

I barged my way inside to rescue my toast
The housse was ablaze
How could it be?
The talking walls were made of brick

But the talking walls were cunning.
They rubbed themselves together around the toaster
To set it ablaze.
This in turn set the curtains & ceiling on fire.

I rescued my toast with barely a crumb to spare.
I rushed back outside with my toast and ate it.
“Well done, toast,” I said
Because it was indeed well done.