Not enough time has gone by
Since you treated me badly.
But I can’t write a breakup poem
For it would bore you.

I have met nobody else
Nor am I looking.
Perhaps if somebody knocked on my door
I might consider a friendship.

Innocence is gone.
Lack of resposibility went with it.
I am no longer living somebody elses life
I am living my own.

All of a sudden I woke up an adult.
It totally sideswiped me
But do I have to take it seriously?
That is totally my decision.

Who was I once?
Why & what am I holding back?
I guess the laughter in love went away.
Maybe I’m still heartbroken. I doubt it.

The more successful you become
The smaller your life becomes.
How can people enjoy me
If I’m living a small, mad life?

Having said this
I would rather be around people
Who will say “No” to me.
Rather than mindlessly agree with me.

When the pressure is on
There’s further to fall.
Where have I gone?
I am perfectly hiding.