About My Poetry Blog

FirstSHOPPING2 of all I encourage you to ‘follow’ my blog by clicking the relevant button to the left of this page.

The aim of my poetry blog is to entertain and interest you. I cannot write with the aim of pleasing my next door neighbour or my Auntie Edna. It can’t be done. The trick, as a writer, is to appeal to the majority of readers. I hope that I can do this.

My poetry is diverse in nature, ranging from comical to philosophical. I’m sure that there is a poem on my site for everyone. I use coarse language in real life but do not in my poetry.

Some of my poetry rhymes. Some of it doesn’t. Whichever of these forms a poem takes, I like it to tell a story.

The vast majority of my poetry is done on the spur of the moment. I do not write poetry about politics or religion as none of the to interest me enough to warrant writing about them. I also  try to avoid current affairs as they soon become dated and irrelevant.

I also avoid doom and gloom poetry as I feel that there is enough of that in the world without me adding to it. Having said this, some of my poetry has a definite message. Different readers will get different meanings from each poem.

So feel free to press the ‘follow’ button to the right and have my poems delivered to your virtual doorstep as they present. Comments are always welcome if you see fit.