Turn The Page

“Different strokes for different folks,”
A wise man said but he never spoke.
He was pushed
Until he was far away.

Some guy talking at me, third degree.
I had to rearrange him just to let me be.
He washed right out. Lost at sea
You might say.

Icarus flew too close to the Sun.
He was busy looking out for number one.
Easily done.
A flick of the wrist you might say.

No more final mistakes.
No more final great escapes.
There’s nothing more for you to fake.
Don’t look back as you turn the page.

Positive and Negative. YOU Choose

Love and hate
They have Huge impact
On how we live our lives
Hate is a negative emotion
Love is a positive emotion
If we choose to ate in a very short time
We hate lots of things and our lives
Become darkened by the associated negativity
If we choose to love
Our love shines like a beacon
From our soul.
Love radiates to others
Our world is a bright and cheerful place.
Sometimes we are given difficult times
In our passage through life
Its how we react to them that defines us.
Haters have the darkness of mind and heart
That erodes their souls.
Lovers share the light of heart,
Mind and soul
and are fun people to be with.
I CHOOSE to be a lover.
What will your choice be?

His Anxiety


He wakes up.
He’s anxious.
He doesn’t know why
But it’s most unsettling.

He shakily has a cigarette.
Not the wisest move
As it makes his heart pound
And mind race.

If his day goes smoothly
His anxiety eases
But the slightest disruption
Sends him off again.

He has tried everything.
Nothing works.
He has learned over the years
To live with it.



He lay foetal
On the couch
Looking out
At the clear blue sky.

Throb. Throb. Throb.
It wouldn’t go away.
Every painkiller he had tried
They all failed him.

He was almost in tears.
He tried to lay down
In the spare room.
As if that would help.

The headache began to lift.
He was too scared to move
For fear
Of upsetting it.

When it finally left
He literally jumped for joy.
Tears ran down his face.
The worst five hours of his life.

Casualty Of War


The SommeThe man sits in his leather chair
Ash tray and lamp by his side
He is all but motionless.

As he smokes yet another cigarette
He gazes into the coal fire
Trying not to think of his time
In the Somme.

He was on the front line.
A bomb went off nearby.
When he lifted his head
He was surrounded by bodies and limbs.

The man went to an asylum
Where he lay motionless.
There was nothing that they could do for him.

He was sent home
To vegetate
And that’s what he did
For the rest of his life.

His wife tended his every need.
The man remained silent.
His life was spent in his chair.
Gazing at the coal fire and smoking.



The worst part of waiting is your watch.
Solution? Don’t wear a watch.
I’m almost certain it is
But I can’t be sure.

That clock on the wall
Rid yourself of it
You will only waste half of your day
Gazing aimlessly at it.

Looking at clocks & watches
Will get you nowhere fast.
It won’t speed up time.
Nothing on Earth changes time.

Bigger Than Love


He found true love
In the strangest way.
She was married with children
He was not & didn’t.

It’s not physical.
It’s beyond that.
Way past words
Or definition.

It’s no superficial love
Where people talk in sign language
And somebody ends up getting hurt
Until the next time anyway.

With them there is no next time.
They both knew the moment they met
But it’s complicated.
They can’t be seen together.

Their meetings are covert but full of laughter.
They can’t take their eyes off each other
And innuendos abound
But nothing more.

This is bigger than love.

It’s frustrating that a man & woman
Can’t even be best friends in public.
The human condition annoys them constantly.
So many hypocrites having physical affairs.

Especially when it comes to true, non-physical love.